Goals of the ANGBA
Goals of the
American Nigora Goat Breeders Association

*To create a program that will develop, establish, and promote the Nigora goat as an official breed, while striving for constant betterment of the breed as a whole

*To obtain and maintain good fellowship among other Nigora goat owners, breeders, fanciers and breed associations

*To encourage the use, breeding and exhibition of quality Nigora goats through selective breeding and ethical sales practices

Intent and Purpose of
The American Nigora Goat Breeders Association & Registry

To develop, maintain and offer accurate registry/recording of Nigoras as well as various member services for individuals breeding and raising Nigora goats. the main goal being to create a program that will establish Nigoras as an official breed while striving for constant betterment of the breed as a whole.

Registering Nigoras: Two Phases
(F1, “Standard”, “Heavy” and “Light” Nigoras
From Registered Nigerian Dwarf x Registered Angora Goat Breeding)

Phase I: 

Nigoras from registered Nigerian and Angora breeding will receive a Junior Certificate of Record (temporary paper) from the age of birth through 1 year. Paper must be upgraded to adult status within 6 months after becoming a yearling.

Phase II:

Once a Nigora turns 18 months of age it will be eligible for a Senior Certificate of Record (permanent paper).  All goats applying for a permanent certificate must meet the standard and be eligible for listing status under the general rules. 

Regulations for Recording a Nigora in the Breeding Stock Category

All goats applying for a Nigora Breeding Stock Certificate must meet the standard and be eligible for listing status under the general rules. 
Following is a list of eligible goats:

Offspring From Registered Nigoras x Breeding Stock Nigoras –

It is recommended that all breeding stock category Nigoras be crossed back to Nigoras from the regular registry.  Nigora offspring, stemming from the breeding stock category, will remain in the Nigora Record until they achieve 6 full generations of registered Nigora, Angora, and Nigerian breeding in their pedigree, at which time they will be eligible for Regular Registry status. 

Nigoras From Unregistered Purebred Parents-

Any Nigora from obviously purebred Nigerian X Angora stock, with one or both parents being unregistered.

“Grade” Nigoras From the Following Crosses:

*Nigerian Dwarf x Pygora (PBA or PCA)

*Nigerian Dwarf x Cashgora (Cashmere x Angora)

“Throwbacks” From Purebred Pygora Breeding-

Occasionally there may be goats from registered PBA Pygora breeding that throwback to the Nigerian Dwarf in either markings and/or body type. This is because Pygmy goats and Nigerian Dwarfs share the same foundations (stemming from the West African Dwarf goat), and were originally crossed before being separated into two distinct breeds.  If any PBA registered Pygora goat fits the Nigora goat standard, they will be accepted as breeding stock within the Nigora Goat Breeders Record.

Fiber Goats of Unknown Heritage-

Any small fiber-producing goat from unknown breeding is eligible to be recorded as breeding stock, provided that they meet the Nigora standard.

Goats Ineligible for the Nigora Goat Breeders Registry/Record

The following will not be considered for listing within the
Regular Registry nor
be recorded within the Breeding Stock Category 

*Any goat exhibiting permanent disqualifications as listed in the standard

*Any goat known, or found, to be from the following breeding: Tennessee Fainting Goat (or any other breed or cross showing Myatonia); Nubian, LaMancha (or any other standard sized dairy breed) or cross thereof; Boer, or any other commercial meat breed or cross (including Spanish goats, Kikos, etc)

*Any goat not deemed upon inspection to be a good representative of the Nigora breed

*Any goat not exhibiting a qualifying amount of fleece as set forth in the standard

***(Work in Progress)***

(C) 2007 LMT/ANGBA

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